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And when I'm not building, you can find me hanging with my wife and two kids, working out, kicking back & exploring all corners of music & art. And of course – working obsessively on my golf game. Let's chat!

Helping world-class teams build new, exciting things


How collaborating across Live Nation + Ticketmaster segments helped me expand into consultative UX design

As a versatile UX designer at LNE/TM, I built a track record of researching, planning, designing, and building high-quality deliverables that drive growth. We had great teams who produced solid content strategy, user research, and design systems; I found I was well-equipped and able to create compelling digital experiences every time, in any department.


Fostering product growth while pushing design innovation at TicketWeb

I helped drive TicketWeb's business forward through developing multiple projects that improved user engagement and conversion rates with intuitive interfaces and effective content strategies.


Managing lean product cycles during a full re-brand at Flower Market Delivery

At Flower Market, I collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop the newly launched cannabis delivery platform. We created user-centered designs using wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs to effectively communicate our brand message and improve user engagement.


Selling more with best UX practices + building internally at Ticketstoday

I designed and developed internal applications for Ticketstoday that drove insights and improved business performance through intuitive interfaces and effective data visualizations.


Hacking growth at Pantry through cannabis education and engagement

I launched Pantry Food Co's brand and digital presence through innovative brand identity development and user-friendly website design.


Crafting a lottery system and user experience for the legendary band Phish

Phish joined forces with my team at TM to create a lottery-style ticketing system, streamlining pre-sale ticket allocation for their live shows. Leveraging expertise in UX and system design, I developed a seamless platform that made Phish concerts more accessible and enjoyable for their dedicated fanbase.


Connecting top brands with rising artists and their loyal fans at MAX

I took a deep dive into the omni-channel campaigns and creative solutions for music artists and major brands. With a versatile process and strong understanding of user needs, I consistently delivered high-quality work that exceeded fan expectations and produced exceptional results.


Leveraging the nation's best creative talent to drive growth in UX at VCU

I helped VCU and multiple colleges build user-friendly online experiences by developing intuitive interfaces and effective content strategies that improved user experience and engagement.


A burst of creative energy

Driving Organization, Communication, Curiosity and Ambition.

Learning + Growing

I'm always looking at every challenge with a curious mindset and a willingness to explore and evolve.

Leading + Coaching

I strive to continuously drive the ball forward while approaching every challenge and opportunity as a team.

Past clients + collaborations

More in-house capabilities

Presentation Design

I provide strategic vision and leadership to clients to achieve their creative and business goals. I develop and execute innovative solutions that communicate their brand message and resonate with their audience.

Brand Identity

I develop unique and effective branding solutions that differentiate clients' brands and enhance recognition. I ensure consistency across all touchpoints for a memorable and cohesive brand identity.

Content Production

I help clients create impactful content that effectively communicates their message and enhances their brand's reputation. From ideation to execution, I provide end-to-end content solutions that drive results.

Management Consulting

Through a data-driven and results-oriented approach, I provide expert guidance and innovative solutions that help clients to streamline their processes, achieve their strategic objectives, optimize resources, and maximize performance.

Ready For Action

I'm on the lookout for exciting new opportunities to help companies and brands gain serious traction and achieve wild growth.


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